Friday, May 7, 2010


What to be done as a FIRST AID ?

1) Do not move the limb or the affected part of the body , as the poison may spread into the circulation faster.

2) Using a cloth or a towel wrap the affected limb from the most dependent position of the limb covering the entire limb .

3) Don't wrap the limb tightly , it should be of moderate degree . By doing it tightly you may cause the limb to die .

4) DO NOT try to bring the snake to the hospital alive or dead , that can create a situation even worse as you might get bitten again

5) If possible , take a picture of the snake that bit , if that's not possible try to remember what exactly the snake looked like so that the doctor can give you the right anti-venom .

5)There is a common saying " a set of keys is the best first aid for snake bite " meaning to say transporting the victim to the nearby hospital as quickly as possible .

6) The doctor will want to know if any of the signs and symptoms are noticeable on the journey to the hospital .
a)Difficulty breathing
b)Drooping eyelids
c)Bleeding from the gums or any unusual bruising appearing
d)Increase in swelling .Carry a pen and mark the limit of the swelling every 10 minutes
f)Difficulty speaking
g)Bleeding from the wound that does not stop


1) DO NOT apply tourniquet tightly.
2) Do not incise or try sucking it ! , that's only for movie gimmicks ;-)
3) Do not apply ink , turmeric powder , ice , leaf extracts on the bite site as it may decrease the immune response
4) There are some people who believe that they shouldn't sleep the night snake bit them , its only a myth !!

For informational purpose only, for further advice contact qualified physician

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