Monday, May 10, 2010


According to a recent study conducted by the American Association for Cancer Research, regular physical activity has consistently been associated with reduced risk of particular cancers - including breast cancer - in women. Researchers believe that exercise's influence on factors including hormone levels, immune function and body weight may explain the link.

"For women who are not currently participating in a regular fitness routine, this is a compelling reason for them to start," said Druxman. "The most important elements are to break a sweat and to do so on a consistent basis, which means most days of the week."

Druxman says the following additional tips, provided by the MayoClinic:

- Limit Alcohol: Research indicates that a link exists between alcohol consumption and breast cancer. The type of alcohol consumed seems to make no difference, however. To protect yourself from breast cancer, consider limiting alcohol to less than one drink a day or avoid alcohol completely.

- Maintain a Healthy Weight: Women who weigh more than is appropriate for their age and height have a higher risk of developing breast cancer. This is a prime reason, Druxman says, that establishing a healthy weight should not be strictly an aesthetic pursuit.

- Regulate the Fat in Your Diet: A surefire way to maintain a healthy weight is to follow a low-fat diet, which studies have shown can result in a slightly decreased risk of invasive breast cancer in women. For a protective benefit, limit fat intake to less than 35 percent of your daily calories and restrict foods high in saturated fat.

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