Friday, May 28, 2010


Elvis Aaron Presley is without doubt the most popular and most famous singer of all time but many people are not aware that Elvis was actually one of the most famous diabetics of all time.

If there was ever one example of how diabetes could not and should not take over your life this was the man!

The future King of rock ‘n’ roll came from a very humble background with his father Vernon Elvis Presley holding down a number of low paid jobs and his mother a sewing machinist to try and make ends meet. Born in East Tupelo in a house which his father built many people may be surprised to learn he had an identical twin who was stillborn but given the name Jesse Garon Presley. The death of his identical twin appeared to push Elvis towards his mother with whom he enjoyed a very close relationship until her death.

His first singing experience came on 3 October 1945 when the age just 10 he performed at the Mississippi Alabama Fair and Dairy show, singing the classic “Old Shep” and while he came fifth in the competition few could ever have imagined the career and future which Elvis Presley would experience.

When Presley died of health-related complications he left a legacy which continues to this day and an income which has given his immediate family a very comfortable lifestyle. Elvis had, and continues to have even after his death, number-one hits around the world with remixes of his old songs dominating the charts. He had a style and presence which many artists of today can only dream of and everything seemed to come so natural to the King.He is known to have done much work for the American Diabetes Society .

While his death has been shrouded in mystery for many years it appears that diabetes did not play any part with prescription drugs said to be his downfall as well as an unhealthy lifestyle toward the end. Many say that he never got over the death of his mother but whatever the reason there is no doubt that the King lives on!

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