Wednesday, May 19, 2010

In kids, telling lies a sign of future success....

There is no need to worry if a child is lying, claim experts, as it proves the kid has reached an important step in his or her mental development. What's more, it's a sign of future success.

After studying 1,200 children, researchers from the Institute of Child Study at Toronto University, found that
kids can be confirmed to have developed "executive functioning", when they are able to keep the truth at the back of their mind so their fib sounds more convincing.
The researchers claim that at the age of two, 20% of kids will lie. This rises to 50% by three and 90% at four.
However, the tendency starts to fall away by the age of 16, when it is 70%. With adolescence, young people learn to use the less harmful "white lies" to avoid hurting people's feelings.
A "Pinocchio peak" came at about the age of seven after which it is hard to discern whether a child is lying without evidence.

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