Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Occurs when foreign object is lodged in windpipe.This blocks oxygen supply to brain. In adults, choking occurs due to food. In children it also occurs on swallowing an object.Choking could be fatal, if first aid not given..


Hands will grasp throat
Noisy breathing
Inability to cough
Skin, nails and lips may turn blue
Loss of consciousness


Heimlich maneuver and CPR –2 techniques
If person is unable to talk, try Heimlich maneuver
Forces the diaphragm upto the lungs
Creates an artificial cough

Heimlich Maneuver on a standing person
Stand behind the person
Form a fist with one hand
Place fist below ribcage, thumb inward
Hold the fist with other hand
Keep arms off ribcage
Give four inward and upward thrust
Repeat till the object is ejected

Same method is used for a child too
Heimlich Maneuver On an Unconscious Person

If person is lying down, straddle the person with your knees
Place heel of one hand above waistline
Place other hand over the first
Give four inward and upward thrust
Repeat till object is coughed out

Heimlich Maneuver On an Infant

Place your forearm over your raised knees
Place the infant face down over your fore arm
Give four or five blows using the heel of your hand
Repeat till object comes out

If it does not work, turn the baby
Place two fingers an inch below the imaginary line connecting nipples
Give four thrusts forcefully to bring out the object
Repeat if required

For informational purpose only, for further advice contact qualified physician

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