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MEDIWORLD RKR - The New Medical Hangout in Town !!  Knowledge Grows By Sharing :) :)

This is a blog for all doctors, medico's, nurses, paramedics, those aspiring to join the healthcare industry and most of all for all those who are just interested in keeping themselves up to date with wat's new in medicine...

MEDICINE NEWS  - All the new happening's in medicine

NEWS - All about the healthcare industry, new policies etc

STUDY TIP - For medico's, advice and study tips that helped us threw Med School

MEDICAL LINKS - Other interesting sites

PEOPLE AND DISCOVERIES  - A tribute to those who have Medicine what it is today

EBOOKS- FREE DOWNLOAD - Free ebooks, notes, lectures etc

RESEARCH ARTICLES - New research articles

JOKES - A bit of  Medico humour ;)

AIIMS/AIPGMEE - FAQ for indian Postgraduate exams

FIRST AID - The basic 'What to do' everyone must know

NEW OPTIONS AFTER MBBS  - Next what ?????

REAL LIFE EXPERIANCES - Anecdotes, stories, n more..

MBBS TO USA - Information u need to get to the USA..

MEDICALFICTION NOVEL DOWNLOADS- Medical thrillers for all the  bookworms out there..