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I will put up a question every day..... Questions will be mostly based on commonly asked all india/ aiims principles... Hav a go at it... And if hav got any questions related to it post it too..

Knowledge grows by sharing :)
QUESTION #1 :A girl has history of injury to medical epicondyle of the humerus. On examination she demonstrates all of the following except

a. Radial deviation at wrist on its flexion
b. Paralysis of 1st and 2nd palmar interossei
c. Cutaneous loss over dorsum of ring finger
d. Complete paralysis of IV digit flexion

Ans :

Discusion: # medial epicondyle of humerus is associated with ulnar nerve injury. Therefore the question is to find out which all are seen in ulnar nerve injury at elbow

option a: Since FCU (Flex Carp Uln) will be affected but FCR (Flex Carp Rad, supplied by median) intact. Therefore radial deviation.

option b: all interossei are supplied by ulnar.

option c: Ulnar nerve supplies lateral 2.5 fingers both on ant and post surface (BD Chaurasia gives ant 1.5 post 2.5; Maheshwari gives both 2.5)

option d: IV digit flexion is supplied done by FDS (Flex dig sup) and FDP (Flex Dig Prof).
Since FDS is supplied by median, IV digit is not completely paralised. FDP is required for DIP joint flexion which would be lost.

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